Nomad Capital is a fund of investment and speculation in cryptocurrencies that was born with the idea of providing a tool to saving and growth of capital on an ongoing and month-to-month basis, being profitable from the smaller contributions without the costs and commissions erased yields, as in banks and insurance companies.

Our priority was to grow the capital of our customers in a safe and effective manner. No more.

Today, Nomad Capital is including new options so that you can participate in third-party capital and issuance of tokens of new projects in a safe and consensual way.

We want to do it and want to do it better every day.

Nomad Trading

Short and Medium term Trading in Cryptocurrencies

Nomad Investment

Investments in the long term, both in crypto and participation in capital, and also shares with rising dividends, ETFs, etc.

Nomad Start-Ups

Seed capital investments.

Nomad Wealth

Counseling individualized for higher capital requiring specific solutions in security, protection of heritage, diversification, taxation, legal protection, etc.